What We Do

Year-Round Programs


Youth Combine provides youth with health and wellness services, S.T.E.A.M. education, and mentorship from inspiring college aged volunteers. With year round programs and summertime academies, Youth Combine provides a foundation of health and education that we believe is necessary for today’s youth to grow up and live happy and fulfilling lives and make a positive impact in our world.


We have limited scholarship opportunities for those in need. Email us at to learn more.


Flex Pass

Two classes per week, per location, all year long. Up to five classes per week. A Flex Pass member can attend location A on Mondays and Wednesdays, location B on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and location C on Fridays. Flex Pass members cannot attend more than twice a week at any one location.


After School Program

Access to our expanded After School Program available at certain schools. The After School Program provides the same programming as a Flex Pass class, but operates on the school schedule and provides additional homework help and educational opportunities that ordinary Flex Pass classes may not offer.


Summertime Academies

STEAM Academy


A joint effort between Youth Combine and Gainesville Dev Academy. Together, we combine science, technology, engineering, art and math education with fitness programming into a single summer curriculum to enrich and enhance your child’s summer experience. We match each week’s curriculum with walking field trips and guest speakers to provide a more tangible education experience. Our curriculum is catered to each child’s age and experience, and each day is split up into classes focusing on each area of our curriculum.

"My son loved all the cool labs you visited, and for the first time I heard that he wanted to be a radiation oncologist, pediatric surgeon, or a prosthetics engineer, rather than a football player. I don't care what he picks in the long run as long as he loves it, but I do want him to have a sense of broad possibilities and the academy definitely supported that. He will definitely be back next summer for more than one week."

Computer Programming

Educational software and one-on-one instruction ensures students of all levels are engaged and challenged. Curriculum features topics from video game development to robotic design.



Fun and challenging workouts provide the physical activity needed to break up instruction time and energize our kids. Fitness classes split time between strength and coordination workouts and games to encourage teamwork, confidence and sportsmanship.



Art + Design classes are designed to increase student creativity and draw connections from the other STEM disciplines. Students will work on a project throughout the week, finishing with a piece of unique art that they can take home.

Summer 2018 enrollment opens February, 2018