Youth Combine is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth fitness organization in Gainesville, Florida. We offer effective fitness programs for youth of all ages at local elementary and middle schools, and our staff is comprised almost entirely of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (APK), Family, Youth, and Community Sciences (FYCS), and Health Education and Behavior (HEB) students from UF. We offer volunteer and internship positions for all college semesters. Youth Combine offers valuable experience in health education, fitness/wellness, and youth and community sciences. 

We request that college volunteers make a minimum once per week commitment to volunteering, and we also prefer this commitment to be scheduled for a certain day. For example, Mondays from 4:00 – 5:30 pm every week for the entire semester. We are very accommodating in our schedules and it is not a big deal if you miss a day or two, but the commitment is important for the stability of the program. Volunteers will receive our program shirt and are required to wear it to every session.

We require students to volunteer with our organization at least one semester before participating in our internship/practicum, and we are in need of interns for the upcoming summer semesters. Interested internship applicants should apply to volunteer now if they wish to be considered for a summer or fall internship.

Our organization offers the opportunity to apply your knowledge by designing nutrition and fitness programs and experience with working with families, public relations, marketing, and event management if desired. Our program is a lot of fun for youth but also very challenging. Working with kids and helping to motivate and push them through the workouts can be very rewarding.

Since our organization’s inception in 2012, we have happily hosted over 120 college volunteers from the University of Florida. Many volunteers return each semester, leaving only 10-15 openings per semester. If you would like to volunteer, please plan ahead and apply early.

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Volunteering with our organization provides an awesome opportunity to apply your fitness knowledge and build your resume. Working with our kids and watching their progress throughout the semester is fun and rewarding. Plus, we guarantee that these kids will provide you with the best stories to tell all our friends on the weekend!


HCTP (Head Coach Training Program):

After volunteering as a youth fitness coach for a semester, you may be invited to enter our Head Coach Training Program. Our Head Coach Training Program (HCTP) is a one-semester program that teaches you all things necessary for the daily operation of our youth fitness program. The HCTP requires a minimum commitment of one day per week from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Upon completion of our Head Coach Training Program, you will be given the opportunity to act as Head Coach for the following semester. Only volunteer coaches who are willing and able to act as a Head Coach for a semester after completion of the HCTP will be considered for the HCTP.

Head Coach:

In this role, you will be given complete responsibility for the successful operation of our youth fitness program for one day a week. You will be responsible for everything from programming the workouts, to taking attendance, supervising your youth fitness coaches, to breaking down and cleaning up after each day that you are Head Coach. Being a Head Coach requires a minimum commitment of one day per week, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.


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We have around 30 volunteer coach positions each semester and they fill up fast. Most volunteer coaches return each semester, leaving few openings. Returning coaches receive preference each semester, followed by wait-list volunteers. Wait-list volunteer coaches are individuals who applied for a position in a semester that had no remaining openings. After we have scheduled wait-list volunteers, we invite new applicants to volunteer in order of their application date.

We recommend applying for a volunteer coaching position at least one semester in advance of the semester you wish to volunteer. We average 30+ new applications each semester but can only accept around ten new coaches per semester. Please plan ahead and apply early.



Our organization is an approved internship site for the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance and Family Youth and Community Sciences.

This isn’t an internship where you will simply shadow someone and push paper. We offer interns the ability to work with the founder and Executive Director of Youth Combine every day. We empower our interns to make a great impact on our organization, therefore, interns must exemplify maturity, responsibility, assertiveness, creativity, independence, enthusiasm, tactfulness, diplomacy, and should always speak their mind. Yes, the list is long, and we expect all of it.


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