Project CHOP – Childhood Obesity Prevention

Check out our new profile on the Project CHOP database! Project CHOP is an organization that aims to help prevent childhood obesity by providing a database of organizations that offer fitness and health education to [...]

Staying Hydrated!

With summer quickly approaching and the temperatures steadily rising, it is important that we touch on the subject of proper hydration, especially for kids! Dehydration can begin when a person loses as little as 1 percent [...]

Member Spotlight: Nick

Name: Nicholas Barnett School: Home School Age: 9 Grade: 4th How long have you been with Youth Combine? Weellll I just started, I started in fall last month in September. If you could have any super power, what [...]

Coach Spotlight: Kelly Andrade

Name: Kelly Andrade Where you're from: Pembroke Pines, FL Year in college: Senior How long you've been in youth combine: I have been with YC since January 2016 How did you get started with Youth [...]

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