If the parents and the child feel confident they can actively participate and accomplish the exercises in our program, they can join. This is a discussion between you and your child. We don’t like to say no to anyone, we have participants from kindergarten to high school. If you and your child think he or she can do it,  join!

Yes! All youth can become members. Their age or school they attend doesn’t matter. Our members vary in age and come from public school, private school, and home school! We want all youth to become members!

Each day features 3x 8-12 minute workout stations followed by a 20 minute game (ultimate frisbee, soccer, sharks and minnows, etc.). Workout stations consist of body weight exercises, plyometrics, some simple equipment like medicine balls, dumbbells, weighted bars, resistance bands, etc., and provide a whole body workout. Check out our blog and read some of “Today’s Workout” posts for more information on what we do each day.

They are expected to stay under our supervision from the moment they sign in with our program until they are picked up to go home that day or leave us for another scheduled program like tutoring or an after school club. If they sign in at 4:00pm, they are with us until they leave for the day. They are permitted to leave early if their ride is leaving early as well. If they complete the workout station early, they are permitted to rest, play a game, or do extra work inside that station.

It is not a problem if you come late. If repeat tardiness is caused by a regular scheduled conflict, please make us aware of the schedule conflict. If the member is late very day because they are slow to report to the field after school, we will address that issue with the member and the parents.

As of January 2016, about 25% of our members are elementary age.

Parents are not required to stay during our classes. We do invite any parents to spectate our classes, but your presence is not necessary.

Sorry, we do not provide transportation.

No. We encourage our members to carry a water bottle with them and drink from it all day long. Make sure they fill it up before they attend Youth Combine. Water fountains are nearby if a member needs to refill their water bottle.
Members should come prepared with anything that makes them feel comfortable while outdoors and exercising. All members should attend dressed out in athletic clothes and sneakers. We encourage all of our kids to bring 24+ ounces of water, a towel, hat, sun glasses, etc.
This depends on the class and location. Members can walk, bike, or carpool to any of the parks/locations where classes are hosted. We will also have a coach walk members from the closest middle school (Westwood, Howard Bishop, and Kanapaha) to the park/location where class is offered. Coach led walks will depart from the school 15 minutes before our class begins. Click the class in our Schedule for up-to-date class locations and meeting points.
In the event of light rain, our kids enjoy playing outside in the rain. If severe or unsafe weather occurs, we take shelter somewhere underneath a covered structure. We rarely cancel class due to inclement weather. If we have forewarning of a major weather event, like a hurricane, we will cancel class at least a day in advance.
Ninety minutes. Always refer to our Schedule for up-to-date class times.

We operate all year long, not just during the school year. Check out our Schedule to see our current listing of classes.

Your Youth Combine membership provides unlimited access to all classes, all locations, all year. You can attend as much or as little as you want. Our membership is designed so that your child can participate in other sports, clubs, or interests, and simply show up to any of our classes whenever they want. To achieve health and fitness improvements, we recommend attending twice a week.
Absolutely! You can attend all classes, all locations, all year. If a location will not be offering classes during a period of time throughout the year we will make it known to all our members.

Nope! Only attend when you want to.

No contracts, no commitments. When you want to end your membership, simply Contact Us and your membership will be cancelled. Sorry, we cannot refund any days already paid for.

We do not offer refunds. It costs our organization money to process the payment in and costs us again to process the refund out so we lose more than just the refund price and our organization simply can’t afford that extra expense. Each membership that a family pays for helps provide Youth Combine for all of our members, not just their child, keeping our membership rates low for everyone, co-op style. We are able to charge so little for memberships because we have a lot of families with memberships, but once families start dropping their memberships or asking for their money back, it raises the cost for other families.

We have no problem pausing or dropping memberships if a child isn’t going to use it for a certain amount of months. However, unless we are told before the next month’s membership is charged, we assume all members wish to keep their membership. If a member wishes to drop or hold their membership, we need to be told before the membership is charged so we can cancel the payment and hold the membership. New memberships are always charged on the first of the month, so we like to know by at least the week prior.

We want all of our members and their families to be happy. So, if you forget to tell us to hold or drop a membership and the membership fee is charged to you, Contact Us and we will hold your membership and apply that payment to the next month you wish to return.

Yes. We use Verified Volunteers to conduct certified background checks on all of our volunteers at both the state and national level. We also perform our own independent background checks and social media screenings as well as two rounds of intense interviews before applicants are allowed to interact with our members. Volunteers always work with groups of kids and never work with our members in a one-on-one environment.


Participants are welcome to show up directly to any class at the park. For those who would like to, our volunteer coaches lead walking groups for students to walk from nearby schools to the park. Check out the maps below to see if a walking group is a good fit for your child. All walking groups meet and depart fifteen minutes before Youth Combine classes start, only during the school year.

Westside Park

Meet at the top field next to NW 34th St. at Westwood Middle School fifteen minutes before class starts.

Northeast Park

Meet in front of Howard Bishop Middle School near the entry of the parent pick-up loop fifteen minutes before class starts.

Veterans Memorial Park

Meet in front of Kanapaha Middle School next to the basketball courts fifteen minutes before class starts.


 “All the children work out together and are encouraged to do what is best for them and improve at their own pace.”

“It is not surprising that my son’s closest friends are the kids who he plays with at Youth Combine.”

“Youth Combine coaches have found a way to engage both athletically and non-athletically minded children.”

“I am so thankful that we discovered Youth Combine. I grew up in a neighborhood in the seventies and we spent every waking minute playing in the the street. We played Four Square, Kickball, and touch Football. With no adults around, we learned to negotiate rules and to resolve our own disputes. We invented games. We played hard. By contrast, my own kids come home from school, eager to get on their device until they have to start homework. Youth Combine has reintroduced play into their lives. Now, my son’s afternoons are spent playing and even inventing games.”