Help the world create opportunities for youth to be outside and active with friends, empowered with health and wellness programming.



  • The U.S. Department of Health states that almost 25% of a child’s waking hours are spent in front of a television.
  • Only 39% of children between the ages of 9 and 13 participate in organized physical activity after school.
  • The Center for Disease Control states that cost and accessibility are the two largest barriers to youth participation in organized physical activity.


headshot-small“I figured if no one was going to provide affordable fitness programming to youth, I might as well step up and take the lead. How can we teach kids to be healthy if they can’t afford the programs? I believe providing effective fitness programming for youth should be a community effort, not a business opportunity.”

In February of 2012 I quit my job, sold my car, and set out on a journey with a goal so large in scope it seems insurmountable – eliminate childhood obesity. I was tired of seeing kids being poisoned with unhealthy foods and no support structure to build a healthy foundation.

  • Youth Combine really helped prepare me for what running was going to be like at High School, and I feel like I had a leg-up on the other freshmen on the team because of what I've done at Youth Combine.

    Calum McFetridge Alumni
  • Bill's legs are like tree trunks and he looks leaner. He is really more confident and trying to make healthier food choices. He talks about your program and looks forward to it. I know he is wearing his Combine t-shirt today!

    Joan English Parent
  • Todd pushes himself in youth combine. He competes against himself and is encouraged. He's learned a lot about nutrition as well and pays attention to food labels.

  • My son is a new member and I have had a hard time getting him interested in physical fitness. He has gone a couple of times and is already feeling more self-confidence and taking more of an interest in becoming healthier and more physically fit.

  • My son experienced some name calling at school and the Youth Combine is giving him his self-confidence back. He feels strong and in control now. He is even setting goals to do something in the fitness area when he grows up.

Those Who Share The Vision

Jim & Nancy Eckert

Thank you to our partners who support our mission and provide us with the resources we need to reach more youth.
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